Our care comes in many forms including teaching you about newborn and infant care, assisting with household tasks so you can bond with your new addition, or caring for your newborn so you can get some rest and time for self-­care. Our standard services are outlined below, however we do our best to cater services to each families individual needs and wants.

*Additional services may be available upon request.


Newborn Care

  • Caring For Baby While You Rest

  • Newborn Education & Safety

  • Managing Twins & Multiples

  • Sibling Adjustment to Baby


Feeding Support

  • Breastfeeding Support

  • Bottle Preparation & Feeding

  • Proper Milk and Formula Storage

  • Cleaning Bottles and Pumping Supplies


Overnight and 24/7 Care

  • Establishing Good Sleep Habits

  • Setting up a Healthy Routine

  • Sleep planning and schedule management

  • Safe Sleep Guidelines


Household HelP

  • Nursery Organization

  • Baby Laundry

  • Cleaning and Sanitizing Baby Products

  • Setting up and Putting together Baby Equiptment