Changing Table Necessities


With an infant comes the responsibility of changing a diaper. Whether you decide to use disposable or cloth diapering, a dedicated changing area can make the whole process much simpler. Our team of Postpartum Doulas and Newborn Care Specialists have changed more diapers than they can count, and have put together this list of essentials for your changing table to make changing baby a snap! The Changing Area Pick a space that is comfortable for both you and baby, that will remain comfortable until baby is out of diapers (Yay, potty training! We can talk about that later.) This should be a space that is free of breakables and allows baby and caregiver to bond. Some examples that we have worked with include: changing tables, a spare bed, a counter-top, and the floor. To keep baby safe, never leave them out of touch during a diaper change.

The Basics Every changing space should have three things. The baby. A diaper. Wipes.

The Extras To make diapering seamless, you can add in comfort measures for you and baby. These would include things like: -a diaper genie(goodbye stink!) -a waterproof changing mat or liner -diaper creams and lotion to add in some baby massage(we'll talk about this later too!) -a stockpile of diapers and wipes -at least two spare sets of clothing.

Let's get Real You and any other caregiver for your child will spend a fair amount of time diapering. It could even last for many years. Most children will be out of diapers by three. That is a ton of potential quality time that can be spent on the changing table. From the very beginning, taking the time during a diaper change to talk to your child and engage them can lead to huge benefits in their development down the line. Babies love to hear your voice. Even if you are talking nonsense, it is making a difference in their socialization, vocabulary, and emotional development.

Enjoying the Holidays with a New Baby


It's the Holiday Season; you are making plans to visit friends and family, and they are making plans to see your new baby. Having a new baby during the holidays can be overwhelming. The struggle to please everyone while maintaining your sanity in the postpartum period can make it very difficult to enjoy the holiday season. Throw in going gift shopping with your infant when all you want is to enjoy your baby-moon, and you have a recipe for disaster. There is good news, though! Communication is so important when setting boundaries. Friends and family will not know where the boundaries are if you do not communicate your needs up front. Are you tired? Make it known. If you are hungry, ask for someone to bring you food. Do you need to hold your infant? Tell whoever is holding the baby that it is Mommy's turn. Communicate yours and your baby's needs to everyone in order to maintain your sanity and keep everyone happy! Utilize your resources. Have friends or family that live close by? Take them up on previous offers to help out, whether it be helping to decorate, going shopping with you (or even for you!), and, if you can bear it, let them babysit for some self-care.


Baby Wearing


Baby wearing is an important part of parenting. There have been many studies on the benefits of baby wearing. These studies have found that babies who are "worn" cry less and are socialized earlier. This is due to being included in all the family's activities and being exposed to more language and social interaction, instead of laying in another room passively. Baby wearing is very practical in addition to the social impact on a child. In addition to less crying, wearing your baby increases portability with your infant. Simple tasks for parents are made easier and wearing your baby allows you to meet your own needs, such as eating, shopping, walking the dog, or even working. Using a quality carrier can ensure that parents or care providers can meet the needs of the child while still being able to get things finished.

When baby is happy, parents are happy. When baby is happy, parents are happy, and if there are older siblings, they are happy too. Baby wearing makes it easier to integrate a new baby into the family with older siblings as baby is less likely to wholly monopolize parents' time.

Carriers for baby wearing are an essential tool. As such, it is important to keeps things in mind while choosing which carrier is right for your family.

Things to keep in mind include:

  • What is the main purpose? Short carries or the long haul?
  • Comfort; for both baby and the wearer.
  • Style
  • Who will be the main wearer?
  • Does it need to be adjustable for multiple wearers?
  • Is it hands-free?
  • How much do you want to spend?
  • Is it washable?
  • Do you have more than one baby?

If you have questions about baby wearing, there are a multitude of resources available to parents. We suggest: asking your pospartum doula or newborn care specialist; joining a baby wearing group; renting a carrier to find what you like; and reaching out to other parents in your community.

Newborn Shopping List - Planning for Your Baby’s Arrival


Many parents have a tendency to panic as their due date approaches because they are unsure if they have everything they need to handle baby’s arrival. There are a variety of decisions that have to be made, and it can be daunting to determine what is necessary. Well, San Francisco Newborn Care is here to help you out. Check out our newborn shopping list below to get some ideas and inspiration for creating your checklist.


Without eating, life cannot be sustained, and as such, it is necessary to take some time to make sure you have everything you need to feed your baby on your newborn shopping list. Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding there are some different items to consider before making any final decisions. Below is a list of some of the types of products you may need:

  • Bottles
  • Pump
  • Bottle brushes
  • Sterilizer
  • Drying mat or rack (we love the Boon Lawn)
  • Extra parts for bottles and pumping
  • Burp clothes/bibs
  • Nursing covers


If you’re part of the fortunate few, your baby will be a great sleeper, but even if they are not, they will eventually fall asleep even if only for a short time. Here are some of the items that would be in our newborn shopping list if we were in your shoes.

  • Crib/bassinet/pack n’ play
  • Mattress
  • Fitted Sheet
  • Sound machine
  • Swaddles
  • Pajamas


Due in large part to a lack of control over bodily functions, babies tend to get dirty quickly and, in general, require a good deal of help with hygiene. While we tried to keep our newborn shopping list down to the basics, you may want to add a few things to our list to make things a bit easier for you.

  • Baby soap/shampoo
  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Nail clippers
  • Tub
  • Towels/washcloths
  • Laundry detergent


One of the most neglected aspects of preparing for a baby has nothing to do with shopping for your newborn. That’s right; these items are for you and your partner. Making time to get rested (before your child arrives) can help you make it through the sleepless early days. Taking time to make a plan for nighttime care and reassess it after your baby has arrived can save you a lot of stress and discontent. Equally important is the need to support each other because you are in it together and will both need help at some time. Finally, remember to take the time to breathe because when you are sleep deprived doing a simple task can become involved.

Our Favorite Newborn Bath Products


After the birth of a child, many parents look forward to giving their newborn a bath for the first time. Once you begin bathing your baby, bath time quickly becomes a staple of your child’s routine throughout the week. As a result, some standard items make bath time easier and more enjoyable. Below are some of our favorite newborn bath products.


While it is technically possible to give a bath to your infant without a tub, it can be considerably more challenging and, in some cases, incredibly dangerous to do so. The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub is a great option for parents who want a tub they can use until their child is ready to transition into a real tub. One of the great things about this tub is that it provides different configurations for a newborn baby versus an older kid.

Soap and Shampoo

One of the more important ingredients to a bath, the soap and shampoo are the products used to clean your baby, making them high priority items on our list of newborn bath products. Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash is a 98.9% natural product that is 100% safe and efficient (Pediatrician tested). It utilizes soy proteins as a natural moisturizer that leaves your child’s skin feeling soft and smooth. Best of all, you won’t find phthalates, parabens, petrolatum, or sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) on the ingredient list.

Flexible Cup

When it comes to rinsing your baby, there is no substitute for a flexible cup which is why it is one of our favorite newborn bath products. The Munchkin Shampoo Rinser allows you to fold and shape the cup so you can more accurately pour water on the places you want to rinse. This is especially important when rinsing the shampoo out of your infant’s hair while keeping the runoff from getting into their eyes.

Little Unicorn Towel

Once all the rinsing is done, it’s time to dry your baby off, and one of our favorite newborn bath products for getting the job done is the Little Unicorn Hooded Towel Set. Each of these towel sets comes with one hooded towel and one washcloth. The towel is made of a cotton muslin back that is quilted to the terry cloth on the front make a soft and cozy combination for your little one. They also come in a variety of prints, so you are sure to find one you love.

Our Favorite Strollers for Twins


For many parents of twins, finding products that suit their needs can be a real challenge. Fortunately, in recent years, many manufacturers of baby products have recognized the unique challenges that parents of multiples face and new products designed with multiples in mind are coming out each year. Some manufacturers have even modified the designs of existing products to allow them to be expanded for families with twins. One of the more complicated products to shop for when you are expecting multiples is a stroller. So today, we are sharing with you some of our favorite strollers for twins.

Uppababy Vista

The Vista by Uppababy is a great option because of its lightweight frame and easy maneuvering that allows you to turn on a dime. The stroller also features shock absorbing front and rear suspension to ensure a smooth ride for you little ones which is perfect for helping to keep them asleep while you are out. The no puncture, foam core rubber wheels means that you will never have to worry about a flat tire on your stroller, having to change a wheel on the fly, or being stranded because of low tire pressure.  Additionally, the Vista can stand up when it is folded providing additional storage options when not in use making it one of our favorite strollers for twins. Unfortunately, the stroller only comes with one bassinet, so you will have to purchase a second one separately, but all in all the Vista is a great option for parents expecting multiples.

Baby Jogger City Select

While the City Select by Baby Jogger may be the lowest cost option on our list of favorite strollers for twins, don’t be fooled, this stroller provides a lot of features. One of the many great things about this stroller is how easily it folds up (you lift the sides, and it folds itself) and while it is compact, it does not stand up on its own when folded. Additionally, parts for the City Select are simple to change out which is wonderful since they have a ton of accessories available for this stroller. Boasting large diameter, lightweight front (8”)  and rear wheels (12”), the City Select is equipped to operate on all kinds of terrain. It also comes with a telescoping handlebar that makes it easy to adjust for users of different heights. Finally, the canopies on the City Select come with a peek-a-boo window that is attached with magnets so you can easily and quietly check in your babies while traveling.

Bugaboo Donkey

The Donkey by Bugaboo is a stroller that is designed to expand from a single child configuration to a twin configuration with just a few simple clicks. It has a simple one-piece fold for easy storage and allows independent use of the bassinet and self-supported seats. The Donkey is equipped with all terrain wheels that have a separate positioning that supports more comfortable use when pushing in sand and snow. When coupled with the shock system on this stroller, your children are in for a comfortable ride. The height adjustable handlebar also comes with a runaway strap so even if the stroller starts to roll away; it won’t get very far. While the Donkey is one of our favorite strollers for twins, it should be noted that it is a side by side configuration stroller and it doesn’t fit through the door of many restaurants and some other businesses.

Helpful Sleep Products for Newborns and Infants


[et_pb_section admin_label="section" fullwidth="off" specialty="on"][et_pb_column type="3_4" specialty_columns="3"][et_pb_row_inner admin_label="row_inner"][et_pb_column_inner type="4_4" saved_specialty_column_type="3_4"][et_pb_text admin_label="Text" background_layout="light" text_orientation="left" use_border_color="off" border_color="#ffffff" border_style="solid"] For newborns and infants, sleeping is a learned behavior that can come with many sleepless nights as you lovingly teach and condition your child to sleep.  There are many tools and products on the market that are available to aid you in this task.  In today’s blog, we will be discussing a few sleep products for newborns and infants.

Arms Up Swaddle It is very natural for babies to sleep with arms up and since they like sleeping in that position, why not make them feel more secure by using the Arms Up Swaddle. The arms up position allows the baby to have access to their hands helping them to self-soothe which is an essential skill in learning to sleep. This is a great sleep conditioning product because in addition to providing them a natural and secure sleep position, it also aids in transitioning to a sleep sack from a swaddle.

Baby Shusher Shushing is an excellent technique for soothing a baby back to sleep but it can be tiring to maintain a proper shush for long periods of time which is why white noise machines were invented.  However, most white noise machines were not designed to be portable but that is where the Baby Shusher truly shines. This device is great for the stroller or the car but is also a wonderful sleep product because it can be used when baby is in the crib as well.

Arms Reach Co-Sleeper Co-sleeping is very convenient because it is easy to tend to a baby’s needs when they are laying with you in the bed. However, there are also inherent risks involved with co-sleeping that can cause anxiety about using this method. The Arms Reach Co-Sleeper is a sleep product that attached to the side of your bed and provides your baby with a safe sleep area that is still easy and convenient for mom or caregiver to pick up baby when they need to be fed or soothed in the middle of the night.

Glow in the Dark Pacifier Trying to find a pacifier on the nursery floor in the middle of the night is a difficult task on its own but if you are sleep deprived and your baby won’t go to sleep without it, it can feel like an impossible task. Fortunately, MAM makes glow in the dark pacifiers that make it easy to find either in the crib or if it gets dropped on the floor. As an added bonus these pacifiers are orthodontic and can be sterilized in the microwave using the included storage case.

Newborn Baby Tracker - Round the Clock Journal Keeping track of eating, sleeping, and other important activities throughout the day and night is a very important part of understanding progress in a baby’s development. The Newborn Baby Tracker - Round the Clock Journal is an excellent sleep product that uses a charting system comprised of checkboxes and fill in the blanks to help you record and view all the day’s important information in a single view. This journal is perfect for monitoring baby’s sleep schedule and facilitates easy hand-offs to your Newborn Care Specialist or Doula.

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