Preparing for Multiples


Preparing for the arrival of multiples can be a major undertaking for most parents. There are a variety of considerations and constraints that must be taken into account for all aspects of the preparation. So how can you and your partner ensure that your home is prepared for the arrival of your newborns? Read on for our tips on preparing for multiples and some critical things to consider in the process.

Review the Floor Plan

Advanced planning of the nursery, changes to your bedroom layout, and play areas are all a must when preparing for multiples. Consider where each child will be sleeping when they arrive and what areas in the house they will be spending the most time in at different stages of their life. No matter what, always keep the dimensions and positioning of windows/doors in the back of your mind as you plan While you may have some super cute ideas in your head about how you want things laid out, it is vital to make sure you have space before purchasing anything. If you find yourself in a situation where you are pressed for space, consider if you need all the items you wanted or if there is another place in your home that it could go to free up some space while not being inconvenient.

Buy in Bulk

One of the best pieces of advice in planning for a newborn, in general, is to consider the areas you and your baby will occupy in your home. Once you have a list, you can plan out “survival packs for each location that include some place to change your baby, extra diapers, wipes, bibs, pacifiers, or any other items you may need. As a result, you will need more of certain things but not of others. Since baby items tend to be expensive, to begin with, buying in bulk when preparing for multiples is a smart play because even with baby items buying in bulk is usually cheaper than buying smaller quantities. Since you will have much more to buy in the disposables category, it only makes sense to get the best deal you can.

Daytime vs. Nighttime

When preparing for multiples, it pays dividends to consider that there will be some marked differences between daytime and nighttime. It’s not just differences in the activity level or location but also differences in what they will need. Depending on the sleeping arrangements you have chosen for your children it may want to use their cribs for naps during the day and bassinets in your room at night for convenient feeding. You may want to consider a mini-fridge for your bedroom to make the middle of the night bottle feedings easier.

Our Favorite Strollers for Twins


For many parents of twins, finding products that suit their needs can be a real challenge. Fortunately, in recent years, many manufacturers of baby products have recognized the unique challenges that parents of multiples face and new products designed with multiples in mind are coming out each year. Some manufacturers have even modified the designs of existing products to allow them to be expanded for families with twins. One of the more complicated products to shop for when you are expecting multiples is a stroller. So today, we are sharing with you some of our favorite strollers for twins.

Uppababy Vista

The Vista by Uppababy is a great option because of its lightweight frame and easy maneuvering that allows you to turn on a dime. The stroller also features shock absorbing front and rear suspension to ensure a smooth ride for you little ones which is perfect for helping to keep them asleep while you are out. The no puncture, foam core rubber wheels means that you will never have to worry about a flat tire on your stroller, having to change a wheel on the fly, or being stranded because of low tire pressure.  Additionally, the Vista can stand up when it is folded providing additional storage options when not in use making it one of our favorite strollers for twins. Unfortunately, the stroller only comes with one bassinet, so you will have to purchase a second one separately, but all in all the Vista is a great option for parents expecting multiples.

Baby Jogger City Select

While the City Select by Baby Jogger may be the lowest cost option on our list of favorite strollers for twins, don’t be fooled, this stroller provides a lot of features. One of the many great things about this stroller is how easily it folds up (you lift the sides, and it folds itself) and while it is compact, it does not stand up on its own when folded. Additionally, parts for the City Select are simple to change out which is wonderful since they have a ton of accessories available for this stroller. Boasting large diameter, lightweight front (8”)  and rear wheels (12”), the City Select is equipped to operate on all kinds of terrain. It also comes with a telescoping handlebar that makes it easy to adjust for users of different heights. Finally, the canopies on the City Select come with a peek-a-boo window that is attached with magnets so you can easily and quietly check in your babies while traveling.

Bugaboo Donkey

The Donkey by Bugaboo is a stroller that is designed to expand from a single child configuration to a twin configuration with just a few simple clicks. It has a simple one-piece fold for easy storage and allows independent use of the bassinet and self-supported seats. The Donkey is equipped with all terrain wheels that have a separate positioning that supports more comfortable use when pushing in sand and snow. When coupled with the shock system on this stroller, your children are in for a comfortable ride. The height adjustable handlebar also comes with a runaway strap so even if the stroller starts to roll away; it won’t get very far. While the Donkey is one of our favorite strollers for twins, it should be noted that it is a side by side configuration stroller and it doesn’t fit through the door of many restaurants and some other businesses.

Our Favorite Products for Twins


Expectant parents have a laundry list of items that need to be purchased before the arrival of their little one. Most of the everyday items needed to care for and conduct day to day activities with your baby are designed for individual infants. So what about if you are expecting twins? Many parents of twins are unaware of some of the great products on the market that were designed for them and their infants. In this blog, we are providing you with some of our favorite products for twins that you can add to your registry. City Select Stroller

Trying to manage two strollers at a time is an unnecessary hassle that no parent wants to deal with and using a side by side stroller can hog a sidewalk while making it difficult to maneuver in tight spaces. The City Select Stroller by Baby Jogger is an excellent solution those problems which is why it is a part of our list of favorite products for twins. This stroller boasts an unbelievable 16 different configurations to not only allow you to cart around your twins but to grow with your kids, so you won’t have to buy a new stroller as they get older. The stroller is meticulously engineered to have precision steering and the easy to operate parking brake makes sure that the City Select (and its precious cargo) stay in place until you are ready to move. Best of all, it folds up for compact storage and has adapters to fit many different baby carriers.

Twinaroo Diaper Bag

Getting out of the house with twins means that you’ll need to bring double of everything with you that you would need for a singleton. This entry on our list of products for twins was added because it is a diaper bag specifically designed for parents of multiples. The Twinaroo Diaper Bag by Stuff 4 Multiples boasts a large number of pockets for storing all of the items you might need, as well as, color coded inserts so that you won’t mix up each baby’s belongings. Additionally, the bag comes with two large insulated pouches for storing bottles or other perishable items while you are out and about. The bag also comes with a changing bag to make those on the go diaper changes easier.

Twin Plus Nursing Pillow

For mothers that are breastfeeding, My Brest Friend makes a number of products to assist you in the process. One of the products for twins that we love is their Twin Plus Nursing Pillow. This extra large nursing pillow allows you to breastfeed both babies at once will maintaining a high level of comfort for both mom and infants. It’s an incredibly simple product to use and is compact which makes it easy to store. As a bonus, it comes in a variety of prints, so you are sure to find one that you love.

Feeding Twins Tips - Minimizing Fuss


There is a steep curve for learning how to feed two or more babies at once but it is a necessary skill for parents with multiples. One of the most important things to keep in mind when feeding twins is safety.  While we will discuss simultaneous feeding, they should be fed separately until they can both safely eat together. Separate feeding is especially important for preemies. We will cover breast and bottle feeding twins in today’s blog. Always feed them at the same time

When you have twins, conserving your time is a crucial skill because you have twice as much to do than with a singleton. A newborn will eat 8-12 times for approximately 30 minutes each feed. So if you are feeding twins separately, you will spend 8-12 hours each day just on feeding. By feeding twins together, you free up extra time for one of the many other necessary daily activities. If you need to, don’t feel bad about waking one baby so that you can feed them together.  Keeping them on the same schedule can save you and your SF Newborn Care doula or NCS from frustration.

Positions to feed

There are a lot of options for feeding twins regardless of whether they are breastfed or bottlefed. Pick the position that is most comfortable for you and doesn’t cause issues for your babies.   The only real rule here is to remember that their heads should always be above their bellies. Human digestive systems rely on gravity to move food from the mouth to the stomach.  Babies, however, do not have strong esophageal sphincters. This means if their stomach is above their head, their food may not stay in their belly. If you can, hold one and utilize a bouncer, boppy, or pillow to help you feed them both at the same time. My Brest Friend makes a large nursing pillow for twins. It is designed to allow you to get one baby latched well and feeding then latch the second baby.

Helpful tips

If your babies drink at the same pace, start them 3-5 minutes apart. That way you can burp one first while the other baby continues to eat. If you are using a bouncer or boppy when feeding twins, make sure you switch which baby is being held at each feed. If one twin is sleeping significantly longer at night, consider allowing them to sleep until they wake up. If you can’t feed them at the same time or are uncomfortable doing so, feed them one after the other. You have to do what works best for you. Remember to breathe. You’ll get the hang of it and before you know it, you’ll be a pro. If you have triplets, follow the tips above and add in extra bouncer. Alternatively, you can feed two babies and then feed the third by alone. Make sure you alternate which baby is fed by themselves.