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San Francisco Baby Gear Rental


Having a new baby can bring joy to the whole family, but unfortunately, traveling can become a bit of a nightmare. While family members and friends will often do what they can to help accommodate you, it is often prohibitively expensive for them to purchase everything your child may need. Additionally, there are some pieces of gear that you may be hesitant to buy because of cost or the fact that it will only be utilized for a short amount of time. In other instances, it may be a major headache to lug some items through the airport or try to load them into your vehicle for a road trip. Read on to learn about a few San Francisco baby gear rental companies.

Baby’s Away

Family members visiting from out of town that have a baby? There is no need to have them lug all of their gear to your house. Baby’s Away is a San Francisco baby gear rental company that specializes in helping families prepare for visits from friends and families with infants. They offer round trip delivery and setup services, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not you put the needed items together correctly. With all but one of their items renting for less than $100 per week, you can make sure your guests have everything they need.

Traveling Baby Company

If you are looking for a company that has a significant degree of flexibility regarding how and where items are delivered for your family, Traveling Baby Company is your solution. As a San Francisco baby gear rental company, they have options for delivering to private residences, rental properties, hotels, airports, self-pickup, and even split delivery/pickup locations. They offer an extensive assortment of car seats and strollers to choose from which is ideal for families flying into the area or those that may want to test out a few options before purchasing one of their own.


When you want a bit more choice or can’t quite find what you are looking for from a traditional San Francisco baby gear rental company, check out Babierge. Operating in cities across the country, Babierge works hard to connect families with trusted providers of rental equipment in their area. They even have resources to help you pick out the right rental package based on your travel plans which can be a lifesaver for families who are scared they might forget something they need or who tend to overpack.

Infant Swim Classes


Summer is now in full swing, and for many people, that means it is time to head to the local pool and lounge or swim. For parents of infants, taking their baby to the pool can be a concern as there are a variety of risks for them at the pool. Of those concerns, the biggest is often the danger of drowning which is of particular concern for families with pools at their home. Below you will find information on infant swim classes and how they can help to alleviate some these concerns.

What are Infant Swim Classes?

Infant swim classes are designed to help your child learn valuable water safety skills. Classes are typically designed for children six months and older. It is also required that your child can hold a sitting position and roll back to front as well as front to back. Most courses run five days a week for five to seven weeks. By frequently spending time in the pool and working on a specific curriculum, your child’s muscle memory will improve rapidly, and they have a higher success rate at learning the skills being taught.

What Will Your Child Learn?

While there are a variety of topics that may be covered in different infant swim classes, the central theme of these courses is on teaching your child to move in the water. For the youngest of students, these lessons will be focused on movements that can keep your child safe when in the water. One of the most valuable skills they will learn is the ability to turn from facedown to free floating on their back. A child with not only the capacity to float but also the instinct to turn onto their back is significantly less likely to drown should they find themselves in the water unsupervised. As your child gets older, the lessons will progress into teaching them to actually swim.

Where Can You Find More Information?

If you are interested in signing your baby up for infant swim classes, you can use the links below to find a class in your area.





Meal Delivery Options for New Families


Trying to find time to cook a wholesome, healthy meal following the birth of your baby may seem like an impossible task to tackle. Thankfully, there are several companies that will do the shopping and the prep work for you, saving you precious time that you can spend napping or bonding with your new baby. Fresh meal kits are sent directly to your door for you to cook during the week, taking the planning and shopping off your to-do list. In today’s blog, we are highlighting four of the most popular meal delivery options. Blue Apron Blue Apron offers both a two-person and family option to customers. They have approximately six recipes for families of two to choose from, and four for the family plan each week. Meals range from 500-800 calories per serving and take about 30 minutes or less to prepare. The Details Two-Person Plan - Choose three recipes (two servings each) $9.99 per serving | $59.94 per week Family Plan - Choose two or four recipes (four servings each) $8.74 per serving | $69.92 or $139.84 per week

Marley Spoon Marley Spoon is a German based company that recently launched in the US with Martha Stewart. They offer both a two and four family plan that includes between five and seven recipe options each week. Every recipe is crafted by Martha herself, and are six steps or less and generally takes less than 45 minutes to prepare.

The Details Two-Person Plan - Choose two, three, or 4 recipes per week (two servings each) $9.50-12.00 per serving | $48-76 per week Family Plan - Choose two, three, or four recipes (four servings each) $8.70-9.50 per serving | $76-139 per week

Hello Fresh Hello Fresh offers three different plans to it’s customers: regular (in two or four serving options), a veggie plan that features three hand-picked recipes (also in two or four serving options) and a family plan that includes three handpicked recipes. Hello Fresh offers recipes crafted by celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver.

The Details Classic Plan - $9.90 per serving Veggie Plan - $9.08 per serving Family Plan - $8.75 per serving

Plated Plated offers a variety of meals options, plans, and flavors for it’s customers to choose from. Plated is one of the only meal delivery options that offers gluten free, nut free, and vegetarian recipes. They also offer two dessert options for those who are interested in sweets. Plated offers their customers a wide variety of recipes to choose from and, like the rest of their competitors, their menu changes weekly. In general, meals from Plated take about 30-45 minutes to prepare. The Details Plated offers two or three serving options and allows customers to choose between two, three, or four dinners per week. All dinners are $12 per serving | $40-144 per week

San Francisco Parenting Groups


As a new parent, it is important to connect with other parents to set up playdates or to find support and a sense of community.  Parenting is a difficult journey made easier by relationships with others who are going through the journey with you. Often, these relationships can be your primary source of important parenting information so you want to be a part of a good group.  In today’s blog, we will be discussing a few San Francisco parenting groups that you may want to consider as a new or expectant parent. Golden Gate Mothers Group

The Golden Gate Mothers Group (GGMG) is a collection of San Francisco parenting groups that was started by a group of women who found first-time motherhood overwhelming and wanted a place to find support.  This volunteer run organization offers a variety of playgroups based on age, neighborhood as well as working or staying at home. They also offer other mixed age groups based on mom’s shared interests such as cooking or sports. The group also offers a wide variety of neighborhood meetups to help you build community with other parents in your area.  They organize weekly playdates that are held in the same park or playground at the same time and day each week to provide consistency in your schedule. Since the organization is run by other moms, they understand the importance of and need for conversation with other adults that does not center around children.  As a result, GGMG offers a variety of regular Just for Mom events such as wine nights, book clubs, game nights, and movie nights.  

Berkley Parents Network

If you are looking for something a little different than traditional San Francisco parent groups, you may want to take a look at the Berkley Parents Network (BPN). What started as a mailing list for parents attending UC Berkley has become a massive online parenting community and resource for parents in the San Francisco Bay area. This parent to parent network is non-profit and free to join but offers a great deal more than a mailing list.  The mission of BPN is to help local parents support each other by providing resources to find childcare, schools, classes, camps, recommendations for local services, and to seek advice from other parents. They also have relationships with schools, child care providers, and other local kid-related services to allow them to publicize their programs and services on BPN.

San Francisco Parents of Multiples Club

For new and expectant parents of multiples, the San Francisco Parents of Multiples Club (SFPMC) is a non-profit organization offering support specifically geared to parents of multiples. Like many other San Francisco parenting groups, the goal of SFPMC is providing friendship, support, and information to parents but in the context of the unique challenges that come with parenting multiples. Through the relationships and community provided by SFPMC, parents can find information on breastfeeding, sleep schedules, preschools, and even nanny and doula recommendations. Another feature that distinguishes SFPMC from other San Francisco parenting groups is their Preemie closet where they offer new or gently used clothes provided by members for members. They also offer meals for new parents, playgroups, family outings, parents only activities, toddler support group, and twice annually consignment sale.

Music for Babies - San Francisco Music Classes


Baby Music ClassesNumerous studies have shown that music supports brain development in babies and children. Singing aids with speech development and singing to your baby strengthens parent-child relationships. Dancing and instrument play help with motor skills and aural training builds listening and concentration skills. As a result, there are a variety of baby music classes that have developed to tap into these benefits. At SF Newborn Care, we understand that it can be time-consuming or difficult to sort through all the options. In today’s blog, we are talking about three highly rated baby music classes available in San Francisco.

San Francisco Music Together Music Together is a major operation in baby music classes with over 3500 center in 45 countries.  Their childhood music education is researched based and emphasizes the enjoyment of music over perfect performance. As a result, they focus on allowing your child’s musicality to develop naturally and understand that it may take time. San Francisco Music Together offers baby only (0-9 months) and mixed (0-5 years) classes that are 45 minutes in length. During classes, parents and child learn to sing on pitch and tap to a beat. There is no need for prior music experience and all adult caregivers are welcome to attend the class with baby. San Francisco Music Together also provides resources through parental education on ways to bring more music into your home.

Carmel Blue Carmel Blue offers a variety of pre- and postnatal classes as a resource to the San Francisco community. Their baby music classes are titled “Music Jiggle Jam” and are taught by teachers and early childhood educators.  Each 30-minute class incorporates movement and music through songs, games, and activities.  All of the things you and your child will do in this class are designed to help create a fun and developmental experience. They offer classes for all ages and the option to pay per class or to purchase a 6-month pass. Check out the link above for more information or to register for their next class.

Little Bears Music Little Bears music provides music classes for all ages and offers baby music classes through their Baby Bears classes.  In these classes, they use lap songs, finger-plays, sing-alongs, and other rhythm-based activities to teach music. Parents will learn to sing a variety of rhythms and melodies that can be used at home during playtime or for soothing. Baby Bears classes are designed for children 4-12 months, and each class is 45 minutes. You will be required to bring a blanket with you to class each time so keep that in mind. They have both eight week and 12-week classes available with multi-child discounts available. This is a great option for parents of multiples or those with older children.