20 Best Baby Food Recipes

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As your baby grows, so does the need to introduce solid foods into their diet. But where do you begin and what are the options for creating meals at home for you baby to enjoy? The internet is full of fabulous baby food recipes that are simple, healthy, and tasty. Additionally, most sites provide guidance as to an appropriate age to introduce a particular food into your infant’s diet. Read on to see more of the baby food recipes we picked out - they are perfect for babies of many ages.

  1. Avocado Puree

  2. Apple and Cinnamon Rice

  3. Yogurt & Berry Swirl

  4. Squash and Rice Soup

  5. Beet Puree

  6. Teething Biscuits

  7. Apple Puree

  8. Cherry and Mint Greek Yogurt Baby Food

  9. Sweet Potatoes

  10. Baby Beef Stew

  11. Peach Puree

  12. Papaya Puree

  13. White Peach and Banana Puree

  14. Baby Brown Rice Cereal

  15. Apple Pear Butter

  16. Pea Puree

  17. Apple & Oats Porridge

  18. Baby's Little Pasta Soup

  19. Quinoa Ratatouille

  20. Chicken and Corn with Cilantro