Managing the Holidays with a New Baby


For most of us, the holiday season brings with it lots of hustle and bustle as we navigate shopping for various friends and family or participate in annual traditions with loved ones. It is also one of the busiest travel times of the year making it a particular challenge for new parents. Some of these new parents can’t even imagine how they could make it through the season with their baby and can be stifled by the stress that comes with such a thought. In this blog, we are providing some tips for how to navigate the holidays with a newborn.

Plan Plan Plan

Even if it is not second nature for you to be detail oriented or meticulously schedule the aspects of your day, the importance of planning to manage the holidays with a newborn can not be overstated. Making a plan for what events and activities you want to attend as well as scheduling around naps, feedings, and pumping times can significantly improve your enjoyment of holiday festivities. It is also necessary to be prepared when you head out with the baby because it is easy for visits with friends and family to go longer than expected so make sure you bring more than you think you will need. Being on top of any given situation doesn’t happen but accidents but is usually the result of planning ahead and anticipating potential issues that may arise.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Taking advantage of offers from for help from friends and family just makes sense when it comes to tackling the holidays with a newborn. With so many different things going it can be difficult to make sure you have time to do everything you need to even if you have carefully trimmed down your to-do list through planning. Having a helping set of hands allows you time to take care of yourself and other small tasks such as wrapping presents, getting the house picked up, or packing for a road trip. If you don’t have family in the area or your friends are unavailable, consider hiring a professional to care for your child while you tend to your business.

Stick to Your Guns

Being overly flexible with your baby’s schedule or the expectations you have of others when they are around or handling your child can lead to some rather unpleasant consequences and major frustration. If your normal mode of operation is to have everyone wash their hands before handling the baby or you have a set nap schedule, do your best not to allow the hectic nature of the season to disrupt those norms. It is vital to remember that maintaining these routines and schedules is not just about surviving the holidays with a newborn but not taking steps backward as a result of the holidays. It is not worth undoing weeks of sleep training or wrecking your supply because you want to be accommodating to loved ones.