Boosting Milk Supply


Most people are familiar the use of breastfeeding as a means of providing nourishment to newborns and infants. What is not often known is that while the body does a lot of the work necessary to generate milk that it requires maintenance on mom’s part to make sure that her supply stays healthy. As a result, breast milk supply is one of the biggest concerns for many new mothers. So what can you do to maintain or increase the amount of milk that your body produces for your child? In this blog, we are discussing some tips for boosting milk supply.

Water Consumption

For breast milk to be produced within your body, it is necessary for you to provide your body with the raw materials required. One of the most critical of those raw materials is simply water which makes this one of the most valuable tips for boosting milk supply. While each mother’s water consumption needs may vary, the impact of not drinking enough can be seen pretty quickly and often takes the form of a dip in supply. If you are not producing as much milk as you were a day or two ago, consider how much water you have been consuming before resorting to other measures.

Pumping Schedule

Your bodies milk supply system works on a "supply and demand" basis very similar to the principles taught in basic economics. When your breasts are emptied of milk, your body naturally responds by sending signals to increase milk production. Conversely, if you have unused milk that remains in breast tissue, your body believes it is producing too much milk and sends signals to decrease milk production. Therefore, the tip for boosting milk supply is adding pumping to your schedule along with regular breastfeeding sessions because it tricks your body into thinking it is not producing enough milk and the result is an increase in supply. Maintaining a set pumping schedule once you have established an adequate supply will help you to keep it.

Utilize Both Sides

There are many reasons that it is tempting to use only one breast to feed your baby, but in doing so, you are limiting the production of milk in the other breast. By feeding and pumping on both sides, you double your milk production potential. A bonus to this tip for boosting milk supply is that switching sides can also help with some common breastfeeding issues and ailments such as sore nipples and engorgement.


As previously mentioned, your body needs the proper raw ingredients to help facilitate the production of breast milk. Galactagogues are natural substances that promote lactation in humans and are often used as a means of increasing milk production. There are some products on the market containing galactagogues. If you're are struggling to produce milk, you may want to consider using this tip for boosting milk supply.