San Francisco Prenatal Yoga


Yoga is enjoyed by millions because it is a great way to relieve stress, relax, and stay fit amidst the hustle and bustle of modern day life. For pregnant women, yoga has the added benefits of improving sleep, reducing stress and anxiety, increasing the strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth, as well as decreasing lower back pain, nausea, carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms, headaches and shortness of breath. Today, we are providing you with information on some of the best San Francisco prenatal yoga studios. The Mindful Body

Located in the Lower Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco, The Mindful Body was one of the first wellness centers in the city. Their San Francisco prenatal yoga classes are designed to help you and your body prepare for childbirth. Partners and caregivers are welcome to attend their classes and expecting mothers in all stages of pregnancy are welcome.

Soul Sanctuary

For those looking to get outside of the city for their yoga classes, Soul Sanctuary offers one-on-one prenatal and postpartum yoga classes. Located approximately 30 minutes north of San Francisco in San Anselmo, they pride themselves on providing time and space for mothers to explore the changes their bodies are going through.


For those who working expectant mothers, Satori offers San Francisco prenatal yoga classes in the city’s financial district. They utilize small class sizes as a means of maintaining intimacy while fostering a sense of community. They host yoga class informational sessions on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons to offer you an opportunity to see first hand what they are all about.

Yoga Tree

Yoga Tree has locations across the city of San Francisco and their classes are designed to help reduce the pains associated with pregnancy. They offer a nurturing and supportive environment with instructors that are focused on helping you make the most of your pregnancy and preparing you for labor and delivery. The classes and positions are focused on developing your ability to use special breathing techniques as well as opening the hips which is perfect preparation for birth.

Yoga Garden

Located in the heart of San Francisco, Yoga Garden guarantees that “your pregnancy, birth, and recovery will be improved by a regular yoga practice at their studio. This San Francisco prenatal yoga studio offers instruction that is safe for all fitness levels that follow the American Medical Association's “Guide for Exercise During Pregnancy.”Guide for Exercise During Pregnancy.” and focus on providing mother and baby benefit from postures that don’t produce strain on your muscles.