Colic - Help! My baby won’t stop crying!


Sometimes, a baby will cry for hours on end leaving parents concerned and exhausted. This condition is called “Colic.” Colic and excessive crying accounts for one of the most common reasons for visiting the pediatrician in the first four months of a baby’s life. If your little one is experiencing Colic, we are truly sorry you are going through this difficult transition period, we know it’s never easy. Continue reading to learn more about what Colic is, how to minimize the crying, and stress relief tips for parents.

Colic defined

To the dismay of parents and doctors alike, the exact cause of Colic is unknown. It has long been believed that Colic is the result of gastrointestinal discomfort but there is very little science or evidence to back this (or any other explaination) up. Colic is not known to have any long term effects on babies and is a self limiting condition that often resolves on it’s own by 4-6 months of age, but we know those are six long months. The diagnosis criteria for Colic is excessive crying defined as more than 3 hours a day, 3 days a week, for 3 weeks or more. You may also notice symptoms such as excessive gas, pulling the knees to the belly, high pitched and piercing cry, or clenched fists.

Tips for relief

If you believe your little one is suffering from Colic, you’ll want to document symptoms and bring them up at your next pediatrician appointment to rule out any other conditions that may be present. Unfortunately, Colic isn’t a “one size fits” all condition so you may need to try a few different tips or a combination of tips to get your little one to calm.  Be sure to try a few tips below but sometimes there’s just nothing we can do for little ones with Colic and showing them love and affection through the crying may be all we can do.

Stress relief for parents

Having a baby that cries for hours on end is exhausting. It’s concerning, frustrating, guilt inducing and terrible. If we’re being honest, you’ve probably found yourself crying too. It’s understandable and you’re not alone! You may even be feeling a little bit depressed. Try a few tips below to feel better yourself.

  • Hire a doula!

  • Sleep when you can (we know, easier said than done)

  • Enlist extra help

  • Get professional help- if you think you may be suffering from postpartum depression reach out to your OB or find a therapist to help you feel better.

We hope that this blog provided you with some insight on what colic is and how to (hopefully) get you and your baby feeling better! If you are ever so frustrated that you feel like you may shake your baby, place them in a safe place and take a few minutes to yourself to regain your composure.