Meal Delivery Options for New Families


Trying to find time to cook a wholesome, healthy meal following the birth of your baby may seem like an impossible task to tackle. Thankfully, there are several companies that will do the shopping and the prep work for you, saving you precious time that you can spend napping or bonding with your new baby. Fresh meal kits are sent directly to your door for you to cook during the week, taking the planning and shopping off your to-do list. In today’s blog, we are highlighting four of the most popular meal delivery options. Blue Apron Blue Apron offers both a two-person and family option to customers. They have approximately six recipes for families of two to choose from, and four for the family plan each week. Meals range from 500-800 calories per serving and take about 30 minutes or less to prepare. The Details Two-Person Plan - Choose three recipes (two servings each) $9.99 per serving | $59.94 per week Family Plan - Choose two or four recipes (four servings each) $8.74 per serving | $69.92 or $139.84 per week

Marley Spoon Marley Spoon is a German based company that recently launched in the US with Martha Stewart. They offer both a two and four family plan that includes between five and seven recipe options each week. Every recipe is crafted by Martha herself, and are six steps or less and generally takes less than 45 minutes to prepare.

The Details Two-Person Plan - Choose two, three, or 4 recipes per week (two servings each) $9.50-12.00 per serving | $48-76 per week Family Plan - Choose two, three, or four recipes (four servings each) $8.70-9.50 per serving | $76-139 per week

Hello Fresh Hello Fresh offers three different plans to it’s customers: regular (in two or four serving options), a veggie plan that features three hand-picked recipes (also in two or four serving options) and a family plan that includes three handpicked recipes. Hello Fresh offers recipes crafted by celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver.

The Details Classic Plan - $9.90 per serving Veggie Plan - $9.08 per serving Family Plan - $8.75 per serving

Plated Plated offers a variety of meals options, plans, and flavors for it’s customers to choose from. Plated is one of the only meal delivery options that offers gluten free, nut free, and vegetarian recipes. They also offer two dessert options for those who are interested in sweets. Plated offers their customers a wide variety of recipes to choose from and, like the rest of their competitors, their menu changes weekly. In general, meals from Plated take about 30-45 minutes to prepare. The Details Plated offers two or three serving options and allows customers to choose between two, three, or four dinners per week. All dinners are $12 per serving | $40-144 per week