San Francisco Parenting Groups


As a new parent, it is important to connect with other parents to set up playdates or to find support and a sense of community.  Parenting is a difficult journey made easier by relationships with others who are going through the journey with you. Often, these relationships can be your primary source of important parenting information so you want to be a part of a good group.  In today’s blog, we will be discussing a few San Francisco parenting groups that you may want to consider as a new or expectant parent. Golden Gate Mothers Group

The Golden Gate Mothers Group (GGMG) is a collection of San Francisco parenting groups that was started by a group of women who found first-time motherhood overwhelming and wanted a place to find support.  This volunteer run organization offers a variety of playgroups based on age, neighborhood as well as working or staying at home. They also offer other mixed age groups based on mom’s shared interests such as cooking or sports. The group also offers a wide variety of neighborhood meetups to help you build community with other parents in your area.  They organize weekly playdates that are held in the same park or playground at the same time and day each week to provide consistency in your schedule. Since the organization is run by other moms, they understand the importance of and need for conversation with other adults that does not center around children.  As a result, GGMG offers a variety of regular Just for Mom events such as wine nights, book clubs, game nights, and movie nights.  

Berkley Parents Network

If you are looking for something a little different than traditional San Francisco parent groups, you may want to take a look at the Berkley Parents Network (BPN). What started as a mailing list for parents attending UC Berkley has become a massive online parenting community and resource for parents in the San Francisco Bay area. This parent to parent network is non-profit and free to join but offers a great deal more than a mailing list.  The mission of BPN is to help local parents support each other by providing resources to find childcare, schools, classes, camps, recommendations for local services, and to seek advice from other parents. They also have relationships with schools, child care providers, and other local kid-related services to allow them to publicize their programs and services on BPN.

San Francisco Parents of Multiples Club

For new and expectant parents of multiples, the San Francisco Parents of Multiples Club (SFPMC) is a non-profit organization offering support specifically geared to parents of multiples. Like many other San Francisco parenting groups, the goal of SFPMC is providing friendship, support, and information to parents but in the context of the unique challenges that come with parenting multiples. Through the relationships and community provided by SFPMC, parents can find information on breastfeeding, sleep schedules, preschools, and even nanny and doula recommendations. Another feature that distinguishes SFPMC from other San Francisco parenting groups is their Preemie closet where they offer new or gently used clothes provided by members for members. They also offer meals for new parents, playgroups, family outings, parents only activities, toddler support group, and twice annually consignment sale.