Music for Babies - San Francisco Music Classes


Baby Music ClassesNumerous studies have shown that music supports brain development in babies and children. Singing aids with speech development and singing to your baby strengthens parent-child relationships. Dancing and instrument play help with motor skills and aural training builds listening and concentration skills. As a result, there are a variety of baby music classes that have developed to tap into these benefits. At SF Newborn Care, we understand that it can be time-consuming or difficult to sort through all the options. In today’s blog, we are talking about three highly rated baby music classes available in San Francisco.

San Francisco Music Together Music Together is a major operation in baby music classes with over 3500 center in 45 countries.  Their childhood music education is researched based and emphasizes the enjoyment of music over perfect performance. As a result, they focus on allowing your child’s musicality to develop naturally and understand that it may take time. San Francisco Music Together offers baby only (0-9 months) and mixed (0-5 years) classes that are 45 minutes in length. During classes, parents and child learn to sing on pitch and tap to a beat. There is no need for prior music experience and all adult caregivers are welcome to attend the class with baby. San Francisco Music Together also provides resources through parental education on ways to bring more music into your home.

Carmel Blue Carmel Blue offers a variety of pre- and postnatal classes as a resource to the San Francisco community. Their baby music classes are titled “Music Jiggle Jam” and are taught by teachers and early childhood educators.  Each 30-minute class incorporates movement and music through songs, games, and activities.  All of the things you and your child will do in this class are designed to help create a fun and developmental experience. They offer classes for all ages and the option to pay per class or to purchase a 6-month pass. Check out the link above for more information or to register for their next class.

Little Bears Music Little Bears music provides music classes for all ages and offers baby music classes through their Baby Bears classes.  In these classes, they use lap songs, finger-plays, sing-alongs, and other rhythm-based activities to teach music. Parents will learn to sing a variety of rhythms and melodies that can be used at home during playtime or for soothing. Baby Bears classes are designed for children 4-12 months, and each class is 45 minutes. You will be required to bring a blanket with you to class each time so keep that in mind. They have both eight week and 12-week classes available with multi-child discounts available. This is a great option for parents of multiples or those with older children.